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Meet Ingrid

The prettiest vintage ice cream truck in Michigan. Hire Ingrid for your wedding reception, a corporate event or any special occasion and serve your guests in vintage style. Ingrid is a 1965 International Harvester Metro Van lovingly restored in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Don’t have room at your event for our truck? No worries. Hire our retro-inspired ice cream cart instead. Fun features include an iPad menu display and interactive waving hand sculpture. No matter how you choose to serve them, our gelato and frozen treats will wow your guests because we use the finest ingredients and make everything to order, fresh for your event. We can also prepare custom orders for pick-up or delivery.


We offer a creative assortment of gelato, sorbetto, ice cream, gelato cakes, and other frozen treats. Below is only a sampling of our favorites. For a complete menu, e-mail sales@helloicecream.com 
  • Zabaglione



    A traditional favorite in Italy, Zabaglione is a silky custard of eggs, cream and marsala wine. Our version has a hint of cinnamon & nutmeg, topped with wine-soaked raisins, almonds & figs.

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  • Chocolate Espresso Stout

    Chocolate Espresso Stout


    “Espresso Love”, a stout beer from Ann Arbor Brewery, and Dutch cocoa combine for a deep dark treat for beer lovers and chocolate lovers alike.

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  • Sesame Fig

    Sesame Fig


    We infuse organic tahini (sesame paste) and honey-soaked figs into milk and cream to create a unique flavor that is sweet and savory.

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  • Pistachio



    An Italian classic, made with pure, 100% Sicilian pistachios from the Bronte region.  Roasted organic whole pistachios from California add a bit of salty crunch.

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  • Salted Caramel

    Salted Caramel


    Burnt caramel with a touch of  Medditeranean sea salt meld together in a rich gelato containing milk and cream. A smooth, silky, and flavorful experience.

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  • Raspberry Chocolate

    Raspberry Chocolate


    Tart raspberries and dark chocolate are a natural combination. Only slightly sweet to let the fruit shine through.

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  • Espresso



    We infuse locally roasted espresso into cream and milk and age the mix overnight to create a deep, intense coffee flavor.

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  • Heart Pops

    Heart Pops


    These decorative pops are a sweet way to say I love you. Heart shaped gelato bar is covered in naturally colored white chocolate. Hand painted designs are optional.

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  • Coated Gelato Pops

    Coated Gelato Pops


    These are not just any pop bars from your grocer’s freezer. They are gourmet gelato or sorbetto pops, made by hand, and finished with creative coatings. Minimum order is one dozen.

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  • Affogato



    Affogato means “drowned” in Italian. But in any gelateria, it means a shot of espresso poured over a scoop of gelato. Bellisimo!

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  • Ginger Snap Bites

    Ginger Snap Bites


    These mini gelato sandwiches feature apple/cinnamon ginger snap cookies paired with sesame fig gelato.

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  • Cookie Sandwich Trays

    Cookie Sandwich Trays


    Mini vanilla wafers or other cookies filled with gelato make tasty treats. Sandwiches pictured are drizzled in chocolate and dusted with nuts.

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  • Mini Cones

    Mini Cones


    How cute are these little 4 inch, 3-bite cones? Order by the dozen in any flavor you like. We can dip them in chocolate and roll in any topping. They make great finger snacks for children’s parties.

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  • Chocolate



    Pure chocolate heaven. Made from 99% cacao coverture from France, Dutch cocoa powder, milk, cream, and a little magic!

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  • Banana



    Real bananas, real vanilla bean and real lemon zest = real flavor. Really.

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  • Lemon Stracciatella

    Lemon Stracciatella


    Tart and sweet, our lemon flavor comes from infusing real lemon zest into our creamy mix. We weave in streams of melted chocolate (aka stracciatella). Add a sprinkling of toasted pistachios and the result is one of our all time favorites!

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Think how fun it would be to have our vintage truck or retro-inspired cart at your next party. You will delight your guests, you will make the kids happy, and everybody will remember the occasion and of course, the gelato. Our Hello! Ice Cream truck and carts provide services for events in the Ann Arbor area.




Catering Orders


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. Feel free to send us yours, and we will update this page as we go!

  1. How can I buy your products? Let us cater your next event! We can serve from our cart or truck! To have a catering menu e-mailed to you, please contact us at sales@helloicecream.com.
  2. What is the difference between gelato and ice cream? Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream and is really just a style of ice cream that originated in Italy. Traditional Italian gelato recipes have less fat and air than American ice cream. People often assume that gelato has more fat because of its creamy texture. But that creamy mouth-feel is due to a careful balance of ingredients that allow the gelato to stay frozen in a softer state. Gelato is also considered to have more intense flavor than ice cream. This is because fat coats the tongue, inhibiting your ability to taste, while the cold temperature of hard ice cream not only gives you brain freeze, it temporarily freezes your taste buds. On the contrary, when you eat gelato, the first sensation that hits your tongue is the flavor.
  3. Why don’t you call your products gelato, then?Most of our recipes are gelato recipes. True. But we prefer to refer to our products as “italian-style ice cream.”  Why? We don’t want to limit what we do. And the word gelato seems to create a lot of confusion. We don’t know if using the term “ice cream” in our name makes things any clearer or simpler, but we feel that it fits.
  4. Do you use local ingredients?We use milk and cream from local dairy farms. We use fresh local fruit in season. We try to source most other ingredients from local suppliers with the exception of traditional Italian pastes the best of which only come from Italy.
  5. How on earth do you make your gelato taste so incredibly good?No one has actually asked us this, but we like to imagine they are thinking it! We use the best ingredients and carefully balanced recipes, of course. But the real answer is time and heat.  Our 2 day process begins by heating the mix so that the flavors meld with the milk. cream or non-dairy ingredients. Then we age the mix overnight to let the flavor deepen. And finally, just before freezing, we heat the batch one more time! The result is an intensity of flavor you just can’t achieve quickly.


We would love to hear from you and answer your questions.

Please e-mail us at sales@helloicecream.com
Thank you!

Kayla Rose and Nick Bradshaw
Hello! Ice Cream

Allow us to serve your guests from the window of our beautifully restored 1965 International Metro van. Our chalk board will list your customized menu and we can accessorize the truck to fit any theme. Our retro-inspired cart features whimsical activities including a waving hand (say hi!) and an animated iPad menu display. We are happy to create custom iPad displays using your photos and words. We can provide self-serve stations or we can scoop and serve for you.